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Department of Theoretical Neurobiology


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The Institute for Brain Research was founded in 1989 by Profs. Gerhard Roth and Hans Flohr. It initially consisted of the Dapartment for Neurobiology (today Department for Neuropharmacology, Prof. Michael Koch) and the Department for Bahavioural Neurophysiology and Developmental Biology. Due to the newly founded Special Research Project 517 (Neurocognition) of the German Research Foundation, in 1998 the Institute was expanded by the Department of Theoretical Neurobiology, and one year later, by the Department of Human Neurobiology.

  Gerhard Roth  Hans Flohr

The Brain Research Institute is part of the Center for Cognitive Science, founded in the mid 90's, in which scientists from the areas of Cognitive Psychology, Neurophysics, Neurobiology, as well as Education Research and Neurophilosophy work in close cooperation.

The aim of the Center is the critical inspection and further development of approaches to an interdisciplinary theory of cognition, the understanding and modelling of the basic principles of construction and function of natural cognitive systems, and the experimental transformation of these principles to technical procedures.

Since its foundation in 1998, the Department for Theoretical Brain Research is headed by Prof. Andreas Kreiter.