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Department of Theoretical Neurobiology


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Our group is mainly interested in the principles of neural coding and the neuronal mechanisms of higher cognitive brain functions. Currently, our research consists of three main topics:

  • Examination of the characteristics of the temporal pattern of neuronal activity on the level of single cell and multi-unit responses and field potentials.
  • Effects of attention, memory, and goal-directed behaviour on the activity of neurons in striate and extrastriate cortex.
  • Principles of feature binding with emphasis on the underlying neuronal processes.

  • The methods used in our laboratory include extracellular single electrode recordings as well as advanced multi-electrode recording techniques, functional magnetic resonance imaging, human and animal psychophysics, and a diversity of techniques used for data analysis and developments of new methods.

    The group has several cooperations. Outstanding importance have the long established collaborations within the Center of Cognitive Science, especially to the Institute of Theoretical Neurophysics.

    We are supported by several grants from the German Research Foundation and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.